Love to Share

Today was a good day! Lots of love flying around with the dust particles that are covering Stockholm now that the snow is gone.

Nicholas and I got up at 8, and played and kept ourselves busy in the house until his nap-time at 12. I woke him up at two, and put him straight in the stroller with a sandwich in his hand so we could take the dog out for a walk, go to the store, and get some park playtime in,all at once.

We had hardly made it up the street,which by the way takes me ten time longer than normal with all the contractions I’m having, when we spotted some big machines. Anything big, loud and noisy gets Nicholas’ attention so we had to stop and watch for while whilst they were digging.

As you can see Nicholas was quite entranced, and kept exclaiming “ohhh wow!” and pointing at the diggers.

yes, that is my beloved mulberry Tillie doubling as a diaperbag;)

We walked another hundred meters up the road, and then got stopped by one of the workers, they were going to detonate and blow up something or another in a big hole in the road so we kindly had to wait. The rumble that followed the beep,beep,beep was enormous, and Nicholas nearly jumped out of the stroller with surprise. And then he gave them a big round of applause!

We stopped again to watch them haul the big rubber mats that had been covering the hole out of the way


When we finally made it up to the park it turns out that it is the only area left covered in we had to be quite careful when we were walking around, Nicholas picked up some shovels and set to work digging in the “sand”


It was fun to see how hard he tried, he just would not give up, and in the end he just got down and picked up tiny bits of sand and rock to put in his bucket. Persistent as can be, or maybe just stubborn like his mamma?


When we finally got home after a quick round of shopping it was time for our dinner guests to arrive. Emma Danielsson and her two daughters Lilja and Nina came over for some playtime and dinner. Emma ‘s husband Helgi plays in AIK with Kenny, so she is home alone as well, and it’s nicer to see someone else for dinner than only being with the kids.

Nicholas was so happy when they came, he literally hugged Lilja for like a minute, and just wouldn’t let go. Throughout the whole time they were here he wouldn’t stop hugging her, and at one point he even tried to hug little Nina. Thankfully she was sitting in a highchair at the time, so all he could get to were her hands, and he did hid best to hug them too.. I hope he will be as nice with his own little sister when she comes along!


Now I’ve just put Nicholas to sleep and tidied the house before sitting down to blog about our day. In the end I was so knackered at seven that I took the food old escape route for when I cant handle anymore playing and running around, I asked Nicholas, do you want to have a bath? thankfully he ran into the bathroom, I threw him in the tub, and I managed to get the last half hour before bedtime just sitting down and watching him play in one spot. We skyped with Kenny at the same time, and honestly I die inside when Nicholas say “I looooeyouuuuuuu pappa” he said it like four times in the time they were talking. So cute!

Here he is post bath


Tonight when I lifted him over in his crib and told him love you Nicholas, see you in the morninghe replied “I loooeeyouuuuu mamma”

Now time to relax, and today I WILL go to bed early!!


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  1. siv nordmo says:

    Han e no bare skjønn 🙂

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