When the Cat is Away….

The mouse comes out to play. Or so the saying goes.. I just happened to have been sort of “out playing” today.. That is I went shopping, and I usually don’t shop much, and I usually don’t spend lots of money, but once in a while it is needed, and today was just one of those days..

Sorry Kenny! Had to grab my chance now that you’re away!

It started small, I bought a teething necklace on amazon.co.uk. The great thing about amazon is that they ship for free here to Sweden, and there are no extra costs added, as Sweden is in the EU. I try to take advantage of that when I can- and today was perfect.

Most of you have probably seen Nicholas’ amber teething necklace- if you haven’t you can see it here . His isn’t a “real” teething necklace. I bought this one in one of the amber shops in Gamla Stan, and it didn’t have a knot between each of the beads to keep them from flying all over if it ripped, and rip it did. So there goes that one. I looked for one on amazon before buying the one in Gamla Stan, but at that point none of the sellers shipped to Sweden, so it was a no go.

Last night after posting my blog I ended up browsing amazon (yeah, I know I must have very little to do if that is what I do on my spare time) and there it was, amber necklaces that shipped to Sweden. So I bought one today.

This really helped Nicholas with his teething, and it is completely natural and safe. I would recommend them to anyone!


The last few days I’ve been browsing Babies R’Us and Pottery Barn for some nice Nursery Bedding Sets for Ken to buy and bring home from the states. I really wanted to have something beautiful for our litte girl, and since we actually have three years left of the contract here it seems stupid not to decorate the nursery the way I want to- within limits of course, I’m not buying new furniture or lamps or anything- but a quick paint and wallpaper job I want to do- and a nice bedding set just makes all the difference. So I browsed and looked and looked and dreamed, and found the absolute perfect one at Babies R’Us. And then it was sold out- only available for store pickup, and none of the stores in Portland carried it. I tried finding alternatives, but I couldn’t so in the end I turned to trusted ol’ amazon. This time amazon.com- and low and behold! There it was! So I just ordered it to Kenny’s hotel- without telling him (until after) and now he can wrap the bumper and what not around the stroller in the pram pack!

This is what I bought

Petit Tresor Versailles Crib Bedding Set

Only the actual bedding set, mind you, not all the rest! Now I just need to paint Nicholas ugly old Ikea Crib white, and wait for Ken to come home so I can get it on the bed!

Funny how these little things are just so much fun when you are expecting, I love looking at little baby clothes and baby things to buy. It feels so NEW again- mainly because I am looking at girly stuff this time around, and I there is just a world of difference! So much more to choose from, and so many things that I adore.


After Nicholas nap we played a bit in the house, and then went down to Solna Centrum to get out of the house. The mall was packed with moms and kids, so there was plenty of stuff going on, Nicholas got to run around a bit inside the new play area they have there, which by the way sucks compared to the one they made at Bromma Blocks. But he was happy, and that is all that matters.

After running around for a while we headed up to H&M to have a look at some maternity clothes, I needed to find a jacket that fit me, as my trusted Canada Goose can’t close over the belly anymore. I managed all the way through my pregnancy with Nicholas with that jacket, but my baby bump was located higher up then, and thus there was more space to spare. This time around my belly is much lower, and although it measures a bit smaller than my belly with Nicholas it now has to compete with space around my hip and bum area, and that is becoming a no go. I have to suck it in to close the zipper, and then I end up opening it after a short while cause I feel like I am suffocating..

So yeah long story short- found a jacket, and bough the jacket.

And never managed to get a picture of me in the jacket, so here is one I borrowed of H&M

as I was already in H&M I just had to look at what else they had to offer in the mama section, and I fell in love with this little cute blouse. I ended up buying one size bigger than the one I tried on in the picture, as I felt like it was a bit on the short side, and I didn’t want to risk that it shrunk too much in wash..

Yeah, that is Nicholas head sticking up at the bottom of the picture.

Oh, and then we walked into the baby clothes section, and since I was already on such a shopping spree I just had to buy these two little outfits for our little princess.

After all this shopping we were ready for a coffee and “cake” as Nicholas so loudly announced when we got closer to Espresso House. He got to pick a little cup cake, and he was so happy when he pointed out the purple one, the lady behind the counter pointed at it and asked “this one here?” and he clapped his hands and shouted “JAAAA!” loudly enough for the whole mall to hear. Someone likes his cake, and now that daddy isn’t home to tell us no…

He ate the whole cup-cake all by himself, and shared only one little bite with me, he then proceeded to picking up every single crumb he had spilled on the plate and on the table. When those were gone he licked the paper it came in.. I think the kid likes cup cakes..

We walked around some more down there, to let out some steam before returning to the house, and I spotted these inside one of the stores

You might remember the cardboard letters I made for Nicholas, if you don’t then you can check them out here.

These are made out of wood, but they will be just as fun to decorate, haven’t decided yet just what I’ll do with them, but I’m probably either going to paint them or cover them in fabric, I’ll post a picture once I’ve decided.

The letters spell out the initials in our little baby girls name. I have had a hard time deciding on spelling, but I think I’ve made up my mind now, so I bought the letters- and now there is no way back!


It’s strange how buying and getting the little things ready for her just makes it so much more real, in a few short weeks I’ll have another little person to love and care about, another little one that is completely dependant on me for nurturing. It’s hard to understand how I could ever love anyone as much as I love Nicholas- but the good thing about love is that it is limitless, and whether you have one kid or 10 you will find that love just expands to cover them all equally. And yet, right at this very moment it’s hard to fathom that it is possible.

I think a lot of parents feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of how will I possibly love the second one as much as I love the one I’ve already got. From what I can read around on the forums on the web there seems to be a lot of discussion around this- many seem to feel guilty that they are bringing a sibling into the home. Especially the ones that do so whilst the first one is still quite young.

For my part I feel no guilt whatsoever, I know it will be a big change for Nicholas- and I don’t expect him to give up his title as the baby of the household without a fight. I respect that he will find it hard in the beginning, it is hard to be “bumped out” so to speak. But I am certain that in a very short time he will come to love his sister without even remembering what it was like before her. I think he will be a proud and great older brother, and I think that she will be happy to have him.

I know I could never imagine my life without my siblings in it, and I know my brother and I were a bit jealous when my sister was born, but it all passed within a short period of time, and then we loved her more than anything.

I can’t wait to shower my little girl with love, and I can’t wait to do my best in sharing my time equally between Nicholas and her. It’s a challenge for sure- but one I am just looking forwards to take. I’m ready for it, so bring it on!!

Here is a belly picture from today, I am 32 weeks pregnant, and if she is early like Nicholas she will come at 37… Personally I am starting to doubt it a bit, it just feels like she has too much room to ever want to come out!

Do any of you readers have more than one child? If so how did the oldest one take it when the youngest one arrived?


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