Toddler Meltdown, or The Onset of The Terrible Twos..

Today has been a trying day to say the least. Nicholas woke up before eight, and he was grouchy as hell. He had done a number too in his diaper, and thus woke up before he was finished getting his “beauty sleep”. After just sitting in his crib, refusing to get up for a while and looking absolutely miserable, he agreed to come downstairs with me.

Down we went, and I actually managed to change his diaper straight away (usually it takes a while, and quite a few ‘are you ready to go change your diaper’s before he willingly goes into the bathroom and lays down to have it changed. I am not bothered by chasing him around the house to change it, so if he wants to walk around with a smelly nappy I let him till he’s sick of it and comes willingly.

We went in the kitchen, and he ate a whole banana and a piece of bread without a fight- which is quite the improvement these days, as meal times has become something of a battle over the last few weeks, so so far so good. He might have got little sleep, but he was still OK to be around.


Nap time came at 12, and he was so tired he looked like he was going to lose it, so I quickly got him off the skype call he was having with Kenny, and put him to bed- anticipating that today would be a long nap. I went to the bathroom downstairs and had a good long soak and just enjoyed the fact that I could actually indulge in a bath and not just a quick shower before bed. I usually don’t take baths when Kenny is away, only quick 10 minute showers in the evenings, as it’s hard to fit it into my daily schedule when I’m basically a “single mum” and he is home all day. Can’t exactly say hey, Nicholas, do you mind not chasing the dog or burning down the house whilst I take a bath? So late night showers it is. Funny how a normal thing like a long soak in the bathtub becomes luxury after you have children…

Anyways, today I was willing to give up my nap in order to have that bath, and I just hoped that Nicholas would sleep the full two hours so that he would be rested when we went over to Emma’s after for dinner. No. Such. Luck.

After only 1.20 minutes he was up- crying in his bed up. Which by the way isn’t the way he usually wakes up. He usually wakes up smiling, and shouting “MAMMA”. Not crying and upset. I went to get him, and this time managed to put about half a piece of bread in him for “lunch”. This is the same kid who ate one BIG jar of baby food- pluss desert when he was 7 months… but I digress.. After chilling at home for some time we got ready to go outdoors, and I’m telling you, it’s spring in stockholm now!!

I wore my new jacket- and it’s nice and thin, but I wasn’t cold for a second. Since the roads were dry I took Nicholas by the hand and pushed the stroller, and off we walked towards the store and then Emma


It took forever, but at the moment Nicholas walks at just about the same pace as me, so I didn’t mind at all. We stopped to look at the diggers again, and finally made it close to the store when Nicholas spotted one of the little play areas up there. Nothing to do but have a little playing pit-stop


how do you say no to a face like this?

I just had to let him on the swing even if my back ached and my pelvis screamed just with the thought of lifting him in and out.

It was SO worth the aches and pains when this was the reward, a smile like this is worth a more than a thousand words, and his precious “Takk, Mamma” when I lifted him down.. melts my heart.


The big bulky shadow is me by the way



The sun actually felt warm today, and the air smelled that musty, dark, fresh smell of wet soil and greenery that is waking up after winter. It makes me so happy to know spring is coming, and it makes me long for the time when we don’t even have to throw a jacket on to outside to play! What a blessing warm weather is after a long winter!


After playing and popping by the store we made it to Emma’s, and it was so nice to see both Alice and Emma there. Lucas and Lilja (who by the way has arranged their future wedding at the ripe old age of four) were watching a movie, Dylan (6 months) was playing contentedly on the floor, and Nina (4 months) was napping. We should have known such calm couldn’t last!

With two kids, one toddler, and two babies there was mayhem, screaming, crying and the occasional quiet in between. It seemed the three little ones were taking it in turns to be unhappy, and even Lilja and Lucas had a run in or two. Yet we persevered, and didn’t give up. We were going to do this dinner, and we were going to be joined by a few of the other wives. Well in the end only one more person showed up, and that at the point where Nicholas was so tired, and so whingy, and so out of whack that all he wanted to do was sit in his stroller and watch in the night garden

Really what he wanted was a good meal (hardly got any food in him) and some good old Zzz. Yet I stayed, and even though he explicitly showed me that he wanted to go home I tried to get some talking and eating in before leaving. All I can say is BAD mistake on my side- I totally underestimated how tired he actually was, and he ended up having a total melt down. Gasping for air and screaming like I’ve never heard him cry before. He cried all through me getting my coat on and saying my goodbyes, all the way down in the lift, and all the way out on the street. After less than three minutes of walking he passed out sitting in his stroller


And slept all the way up the elevator at home…


And only woke when I put him in his bed upstairs, clothes and all. This was at 7pm. By 7.15 he woke up howling, I managed to calm him down, and he fell asleep, and woke up, and fell asleep. He was just about the most miserable I have ever seen him. Poor thing, I pushed him too far today. Lack of good sleep at night in combination with the new nursery schedule I have him on, and a bad nap, was more than he could handle.


But I am still glad I went, I had a great time whilst he was still in a good mood- I got to hold some babies and talk to some mamas, and really this is reality. Things can’t always work out perfectly, kids can’t always be happy, and you can’t always manage to finish dinner before you have to leave. But the point is that we tried, and that we will keep trying, and once in a while we might just get that perfect day when everything works out just right- the kids are perfect angels, the babies are not teething and we get some proper conversation going, until that day we will have to make do with days like these, far from perfect, but still good.

And now I hear Nicholas crying upstairs so that is all for now!



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