What we have been up to?


Nicholas came down with the flu after that day at Emma’s and has had a fever of around 39.5 until today. So our days have been spent inside, relaxing in front of the TV, and cuddling.

My friend Maria Joy came from Norway to visit us on Friday- typical that Nicholas has to be sick whilst she is here.. Thankfully she has been here quite a few times before so it’s not like she hasn’t seen the old town and stuff before. The only times we’ve left the house is when we’ve been out food shopping and walking Charlie. So we are both quite ready for some action.

my fever sick baby looking super tired at the grocery store

my fever sick baby looking super tired at the grocery store

Thank God for his Blankie. Something to snuggle when he isn't feeling his best..

Thank God for his Blankie. Something to snuggle when he isn't feeling his best..

and after a quick round in the store he decided to take a nap..

right before passing out..

My nights have been nightmare-ish until today. Nicholas has woken up coughing and burning every 25-40 minutes, so very very little sleep for me. I’m just thankful he only got up once last night, and all he wanted was a good long drink of water from his bottle, and then he was ready to sleep again.


Right now I am waiting to go take a shower, I’m waiting for Nicholas to fall asleep, and right now it seems like it’s never going to happen. I hear singing, “oh, no!”s and the occasional jumping from upstairs. Which I guess isn’t so strange since all his cooped up energy probably is dying to come out now that the fever has gone. Luckily Ken will be back on Tuesday as he can keep up with Nicholas’ ball-kicking and running in circles. Until then I think I will have my hands full!


Maria and I have some crafty fun planned for this evening, so as soon as Nicholas gets up from his nap (that I hope he will take any time now) we are heading down to the mall to pick up some bits and bobs from Panduro. I seriously am in love with that store. Totally overpriced, yes *I miss Michaels* but so full of fun things that it’s like inspiration in a room. You can’t help but want to make something with just about every thing that is in there! So this evening will be for crafting, and the results I will share in tomorrow’s post! I can reveal as much as that it involves the wooden letters I showed you guys earlier, and an old Malm dresser…





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2 Responses to What we have been up to?

  1. Sadie says:

    The blanket your son has, the white with silk on the side. Where did you buy it? Hope his feeling better ❤

    • He is feeling a bit better thank you, but still not great! The blanket, or “blankie” as we call it was bought at babies R’us in Canada, it is actually a light yellow colour, but has faded after a million washes! You can buy similar blankets in many many baby stores!

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