Crafty : Decoupage on Ikea Dresser

Hi everyone!

So I said I’d return with a little tutorial on how to decoupage fabric on a dresser, and here it is! I am quite satisfied with the result, especially since I have not been pedantic and sanded it or anything like that- I did it the easy and fast way, and it still looks great!

what you need

Something to decorate (old dresser, chair, vase, anything works)
decoupage glue (or normal wallpaper glue, but it won’t last as long)
Paintbrush to spread the glue with
Scissors to cut your fabric with
Fabric to decoupage with

We started out with a cheap normal ikea malm dresser
Like this one, just in a darker colour.


I didn’t do anything to prime this dresser, as it is already completely flat and since I’m using fabric the dark colour underneath doesn’t shine through. If you have an older dresser you want to give a makeover it can be a good idea to sand it down, and if it isn’t painted, to prime it with a white colour base. Then you have the option of decoupaging using anything from wallpaper to napkin patterns on top.

I measured the fabric I had selected by putting the drawer on top of the fabric, and making sure the pattern was lining up the way I wanted it to


I decided to go with one fabric per drawer,but really only your imagination puts a stopper to the endless possibilities, you can create amazing pieces by making a beautiful collage, or maybe you only want one centered motif with a solid painted background colour? Be creative!

I then cut off the excess fabric


And flipped the drawer over. The fun glueing part starts now!

Cover the whole area you will be decoupaging with glue. If you are only doing a collage, and need time to arrange the pieces it can be best to cover the backside of each fabric swatch individually, and placing it on the drawer,


Make sure to cover all of your surface with your chosen glue

Then with Maria’s help I laid the fabric flat, and aligned the pattern. I then proceeded to smooth it with my hand to eliminate all air bubbles and wrinkles in the fabric. This part is so much easier if you are using fabric or real thick paper, if you are using very fine, thin paper I suggest you try to put it down as evenly as you can and then use the next step to eliminate bubbles


Now comes the repetitive part of decoupage, the glueing part. Cover the whole piece in an even layer of glue, and make sure to smooth the fabric down whilst doing so- if you are decoupaging with fabric you will find that you need quite a bit of glue in this layer to soak the fabric through and thus sealing in your pattern.



When you get to corners and such make sure to fold them neatly and nicely. Since the malm dresser doesn’t have any hardware to open and close the drawers I thought it would be nicest if the whole drawer was covered. If you are decoupaging on a different furniture you might find that it will look nicest if you cut the fabric down to size and don’t actually do corners and edges. Whatever works and makes your job the easiest is best!

Now leave to dry completely, and do the process all over again on the rest of your drawers


Repeat the last step- the gluing- as many times as it takes for you to be satisfied with the finish of the product. Just make sure to let each layer of glue dry completely before you apply the next one.
If you are using paper it usually is enough with about three to four coats of glue, with fabric you can go on forever. A rule of thumb is that if the piece is going to be handled a lot (i.e a chair) you should go with several more coats of glue. If your piece needs to be water resistant it can be a good idea to go over the whole thing with a see through varnish at the end- ask at your local hobby store about what will work best on your chosen surface.

For a flawless finish you can lightly sand the very top layer of glue with the finest sandpaper you can find, and then use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe the white dust off.

I did no such thing mind you, as mine is just a dresser for a nursery, not a piece that goes on display in the living room!

Here is my finished dresser



Nicholas admiring the “new” dresser


Other than decoupaging I bought some cute little tulips today, nothing says spring and easter more than tulips! They brighten my day just by standing there looking pretty!



Tomorrow Kenny will be back from the states, and we will have a bit of a Christmas celebration with all of the gifts he is bringing back, I seriously can’t wait to see all the stuff I’ve ordered!! Now I just have tomget busy painting the nursery, the crib and fixing up the babies room!

Maria Joy is leaving to tomorrow real early, and even though Nicholas hasn’t been feeling well for her whole stay it has been great to have some company during otherwise long and boring days, I hope she will be back sometime this summer to meet the new addition to our family.

Hope you like how the dresser turned out!

P.s decoupaging is quite addictive, you might find you dang stop once you start!

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3 Responses to Crafty : Decoupage on Ikea Dresser

  1. K says:

    Hi beautiful dresser! How did you cut and glue the corners?

    • I cut a straight line all the way in on one side- and folded the fabric over on the other. I don’t know if you’ve ever put protective paper covers on your school books? Well I used the same way of covering the corners as I would on a book 🙂 bet there are plenty of book cover tutorials on YouTube

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