Finally he is home

So happy to have Kenny home again- a few hours later than the rest of the guys since he was traveling with the national tickets, but still home safe and sound at 8. Nicholas was so happy to see him, he just wanted to take him all over the house and show him things 🙂 and he ended up staying up way too late, until 8.30 before I managed to tear him away and put him to sleep. Tomorrow will be the big cuddle with daddy day I think, and Boy do I need him to cuddle with someone else than me, Nicholas has been clinging to me like a monkey all day, and is still not well although the fever has gone. I think his sleep is being interrupted quite a bit at night with the coughing, and he won’t eat much at all. So energy levels are down, and clingyness and tantrums are up on full throttle. I literally ended up crying today at meal time, after he almost puked up the one spoonful of rice and fish that he ate, crying NO NO NO as if I was trying to poison him! He is usually the biggest fish lover in the world, but so far the only things I can get him to eat is Yoghurt and bread with jam. Today his whole daily intake of food was ONE yoghurt, and one piece of bread… This is the same kid that usually eats double that for breakfast.. I feel so bad for him! I guess the food tastes of nothing, and that the phlegm he has in his throat makes it difficult to eat or something. Hopefully dad will have better luck tomorrow 😉

Yeah, hormones have hit big time now, I actually cried twice today! Once at mealtime as I said, and the other time when I was reading one of my favourite books to Nicholas. The boy in the story gets a little baby sister, and something about the way it is written, and the illustrations just had me sobbing like I was quite mental. Nicholas just looked at me like I was crazy! Sobbing and smiling and reading all at once.. pregnancy and the things it does to you..


I have now assembled the new stroller, and man does it look good!! Tomorrow I’ll take it out for a test spin, with only Nicholas sitting part of course, the baby bag will have to wait until our princess arrives. But that pink canopy is just beautiful!!!

Nicholas seat forward facing and the bassinet with the pink canopy facing me

seen from the back, with the new Skip Hop Duo diaper bag on

without diaper bag

in mono mode- with only nicholas seat on

As I said I love it, I’ve taken off the bumper bar on Nicholas seat and switched it with the bugaboo snack tray instead, it is easier to get him in and out of the stroller without the bar on, and this way he can have his water bottle and stuff right there with him, and not in my cup holder or diaper bag!


Now I’ve got one jet lagged man waiting for me in bed upstairs, so I’m off! Tomorrow comes the fun of assembling the crib and getting my new crib set on! can’t wait to see how it looks on the bed.

Good Night everyone!

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  1. siv nordmo says:

    Kjempefin vogn 🙂

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