Baby Stuff

Today came after a long long long long (as the wiggles would say) night. Nicholas had a real bad one again today, coughing up slime to the point of gagging, so very little sleep on my part. Kenny got up with him twice, but after that I took over and slept in his room. Thankfully when Nicholas got up at 7am, Kenny took him down and I got to sleep in until 12. It was more than needed after the little sleep I’ve had over the last few weeks..

Nicholas ended up needing two naps today, one from 10 till 12, and again from 2-3.30 before he was ready to do anything, so in the meantime Kenny and I got the crib set up, and I just put the new bedding on to see how it looked. Pretty good if you ask me, but I definitely need to pain the crib white!


detail of the bumper


back of the quilt is stripy! so cute

picture of the front of the quilt

inside the bed

The only problem I found is that american standard crib size is about 20 cm longer and 5 cm wider than the European standard (surprise surprise, they love having everything bigger over there)

But nothing that couldn’t be mended on with a bit of smart tying here and there..

Today I also got a look at the things Ken bought for the baby, he seems to have taken off with pyjamas, so hint hint everyone. We do not need too many more baby pj’s in newborne sizes (everything he got was tiny!

PJ's galore

Below are picture of what he bought, there was a big sale on in Macey’s he says, so that’s why he got so much. I think he picked some really cute outfits too!





yeah i held the iphone upside down when i took the picture, not very clever!

After Nicholas’ second nap we were ready to get out for a while, and he was too- so we drove to Bromma Blocks to let him run off some steam, and to have a coffee.

Celso came and met us there, and he was so tired that he nearly nodded off whilst drinking coffee! Nicholas got hung up with this airplane they have in one of the shoe stores, and we just about couldn’t get him out of it!

We had the donkey out for a test ride in the mall today, and Nicholas loved it! He sat in it quite contentedly for over an hour whilst we had our coffee, and the snack tray was a hit. He was opening and closing it, and drinking water from the bottle I had put in it like nobody’s business. So now I’m just looking forwards to taking both kids out in it in a few weeks time (not before april 4th mind you, don’t want her to come before I’m 37 weeks either!)


Now bath and bedtime!


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