What I’ve been up to?

Ive been busy taking care of my little baby girl, Christina Ariana who decided to arrive five weeks early in week 35. She was born on March 23rd, weighing only 2530g and 46cm.


She is fine and so am I. Labour ended in cecaerian as she was breached. More about that to come! I am still recovering from the operation- although I feel fine I am not allowed to lift for another 3 weeks- which is of course hard when you have a two year old in the house! That’s right! A two year old!! Nicholas turned 2 on Wednesday the 11th of April- and is honestly the best big brother so far! I am so proud of him! He treats his little sister like gold.




As for us- we were lucky enough that my mum jumped on a plane from Norway once I told her the baby was coming- I don’t know what we would have done is she hadn’t. And we were also lucky enough that a new friend of mine said yes to taking Nicholas when my waters broke all of a sudden. Man I was lucky there, got to know the girl one less than one week earlier! Now Christina Ariana is 3 weeks old (and one day) and Kenny’s mother Christina is here to visit us (the visit we had booked so that someone would be here to help and take care of nicholas when I went into labour..

My little night owl earlier this evening!


I’ll try to be back soon with more pictures and the birth story of my little princess. I totally think my experience sucked this time around- but the prize at the end of it made it totally worth it!

Now I’m going to feed my little girl and get back to bed! Night night! Xx

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6 Responses to What I’ve been up to?

  1. Olga and Maria from Russia. says:

    Maria, congratulate you and Nikolas, and Kenny with so happy event!!! Have good health for you and your so small girl!!

    • Thinks Olga!! It all happened a bit faster than we had planned, but thankfully all is good with both baby and me 🙂 she is gaining weight every day, soon she will b as big as her brother! 🙂

  2. Lene says:

    Så fin liten prinsesse 😀 Nydelig navn har ho fått også. Ser ut som alt står bra til med dokker, kos dokker masse! klem fra Lene i Danmark

  3. Marte says:

    Gratulerer så myyyye med prinsesse Christina Ariana!!! ❤ Nyydelig jente og navn! Tenk at hun kom så tidlig, du som trodde hun ikke kom før termin denne gangen! Godt at alt har gått bra og at dere fikk barnevakt til Nicholas 🙂 Håper ks gikk greit og at det ikke var noe dramatikk rundt det. Kos deg med lille nurket og den stolte storebror! Gratulerer med 2-åring i hus, forresten! 🙂

    • Takk Marte! Ja det er mye som hender her for tiden ja. Nicholas er jo begynt i barnehage- og babyen er kommet. Hvordan går d med magen din?

      • Marte says:

        Åh, håper det går bra med han i barnehagen og at han trives! Store endringer hos dere for tida da, ja!
        Magen vokser og vokser, så jeg håper ikke jeg ender opp med noe særlig overtid.. Storebror kom 4 dager etter termin, så jeg har ingen forestillinger om at lillebror kommer noe særlig før. Ca 3 uker igjen til termin nå, så jeg begynner og bli både spent og litt utålmodig, men formen er fin så jeg klager ikke 🙂 Gleder meg til å møte lillebror!!!

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