The Hospital

Thank God Kenny’s mother Christina is still here helping out! Baby C and I have been in the hospital since Wednesday early afternoon. She caught an RS virus- a virus that is a common cold virus for you and me- but quite dangerous for premature and newborn children. She was in the NICU when she first came in- getting extra oxygen and being monitored 24/7, but now she is in a normal room with me- and the gastric feeding tube was taken out yesterday so she is feeding by herself now.

Thankfully she is on the mend now- and thankfully Kenny’s mother was here to help out with Nicholas whilst I’ve been here and Kenny have been training! What would we have done if it happened a week later? Sometimes, who am I kidding- MOST times it sucks living so far away from family!! It’s been so nice these weeks to have someone at home who can help out with the normal things that need to be done around the house. Especially cleaning (still not allowed to vacuum) and cooking -which is time consuming and tiring and takes away time I can spend with either the baby or Nicholas. Also just having someone there who can sit with the baby after she has eaten (she has been so congested with this cold that she would throw up if i put her down) so that I can go play with Nicholas is priceless. Soon she is going home though (which I assume she is looking forwards to after being here for three weeks- but I am NOT looking forwards to it as it means much more work for both Kenny and me..

Ah well, enough about that
Here are some iPhone pictures from the last week.

Before getting sick






The typical RS slime buildup that came with the beginning of the illness


Sick and sleepy
In intensive care


Only gastric feeding tube left and properly awake for the first time in days!


Tube out and sleeping soundly in her own bed for the first time since Monday! Airways are more or less clean (helped by the natrium inhalations she has every two-three hours) and she can lay down without coughing slime! Big improvement!



I hope that by tomorrow afternoon latest the day after tomorrow we can go home!

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One Response to The Hospital

  1. Marte says:

    Huff, så kjedelig med en så tøff start! Godt dere hadde hjelp på besøk! Håper hun blir bra igjen nå og at dere får komme hjem og kose dere. Og så må jeg si at dere har veeeldig nyyyydelige barn!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Og så må jeg innrømme at jeg blir ganske så babysyk av å se på bildene av lille Christina….;)

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