Christina Ariana’s Duedate

Today is Christina’s due date! Today she was supposed to be born, and we are spending the day only a stone throw away from the birthing section of the hospital.

The last few days have been filled with ups and downs -and very very little sleep – but today we get to go home at last. It’s only on leave, and she is still a patient (kinda obvious when you see the tube she has stuck up her nose) but if things progress the way they have been we can come back on Friday and get discharged for good!
The gastric feeding tube was put in again last afternoon as she hadn’t gained any weight since it came out. First picture is taken two days ago, second yesterday! Now she has started being more alert again, and that’s a good sign!



Right now she is sleeping draped over my chest like a little baby monkey. This seems to be her favourite place at the moment. And I am going to sleep now for a few hours. Goodnight!

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