Off they go

It’s been quiet from me, I know, but with two kids to look after, and my brother visiting i just haven’t felt it. I promised myself when I started blogging that I was doing this for me- for me to get a good perspective on things, and that I would only blog when I actually felt like it, never because it was a chore. Thus if you look in my blog archive you will find that there are several gaps in there with no posts- coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally my blog free periods usually occur when I have the most to write about- when things- good things, or bad- are happening and I find that these things take all my attention, and that I can’t find the energy or that particular mood I need in order to write and share!

Well, on last Friday we went back to the hospital, I went with my amazing twin brother Dimitri who came down to help out after Ken’s mother left. Whilst we were sitting there waiting for the Dr to have a look at Christina Ariana she started coughing. She was laying on my chest at the time, I picked her up to look at her and what do I see- she somehow managed to sneeze and cough out the gastric feeding tube- but this time thankfully back out her nose- so there she was with a completely useless tube taped to her cheek and i was just crossing every finger and toe I had for her not needing it back in. Long story short- she didn’t, she had gained weight at home to be declared well, and we could go home tube free!

Last picture with sonde in 🙂

Going home- tube free!!

My brother has been hanging out loads with Nicholas, and they’ve had so much fun together! The weather has been so good whilst he has been here so Nicholas, Kenny and Dimitri have spent most of the day outdoors. Christina and I went with them a few times too!



My brother left today, and I’m sitting at espresso house waiting for Christina’s BVC appointment-time to come around! Fingers crossed that she is still gaining weight the way she should!


I think she is though- when I look at that cute little double chin that definitely wasn’t there before 🙂

Have a beautiful day! I will!!

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One Response to Off they go

  1. Marte says:

    Så godt å høre at Christina er bedre!!! Og jeg syns helt klart de ser ut som hun har fått gode kinn og ei lita søt dobbelthake der, ja! Love it!!!
    Jeg sitter fortsatt her som en ballong klar til å sprekke…;) Håper det skjer noe iløpet av helga eller tidlig neste uke…begynner og bli skikkelig utålmodig!! Termin på mandag, så det nærmer seg vel uansett…;) Kos deg i finværet! Her i Trondheim melder de sludd i helga…æsj…men det passer jo fint med en fødsel da, haha 😉
    Ha en flott dag!

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