Settling In as A Mother of Two

Christina Ariana has reached the ripe old age of 7 weeks, and things are becoming routine in the Stamatopoulos household. My brother was the last visitor for a while so we’ve now had almost 2 weeks on our own and things are floating along nicely. We had some amazing weather whilst he was here so we had our first park outing of the season and bbq down at Pampas.



We went outside for coffees


And we even managed to catch a part of the first of May celebrations down at Kungstregården which looks amazing this time of year with all the cherry trees blooming..




After my brother left it was almost strange to be just me and Kenny in the evening, but honestly I’ve enjoyed spending some alone time with my husband so much, its nice to have the time after Nicholas goes to bed to sit and discuss the day that has passed and just shoot the Shit as kenny would put it.

Christina has grown loads and is still a super easy baby, almost as easy as Nicholas was. ImageShe now weighs a whopping 4300g which is up 2 kg since her first few days in the hospital! Not bad considering the fact that she was sick for 1,5 weeks in the middle of it all. I bet she will end up a little chubby cherub just like her brother.


I’ve actually also had the chance to spend some days alone with both kids and the dog, and although it is a bit of a hassle getting them both ready and out the door at the same time as i’m chasing Charlie around the house to get the leash on him (he doesn’t want to be walked most days) it still works out just fine, I will be getting the real test of how it feels to be the single mother of two soon though. Kenny is leaving with the national team in may, and will be away for over 3 weeks- then I will have to do the daycare drop off and pickup as well as everything else.. I have a feeling I won’t have to work too hard to loose the last 2 kgs of baby weight as those three weeks probably will take care of it for me!!

Two rainy Saturdays in a row I’ve brought the kids to watch Kenny train. I’ve gotten them ready after he’s left (he has to be in early to have breakfast with the team) and then we’ve walked down to Karlberg where the guys train. Nicholas has played on the part of the field that they don’t use- and cried a bit over the fact that he couldn’t join the team and play for real. The as soon as Kenny has been done training he has played some ball with Nicholas before we’ve all gone inside. Nicholas has eaten lunch there and then we’ve driven home and put him straight to bed. Perfect way of getting a Saturday morning to pass quickly!




Today was a nice sunny day, and even if the wind was a bit cold one could find a sheltered spot and feel toasty warm. I took the kids to walk Charlie, and then we went to the park and kicked ball until we had to go home to watch the game. Thank God Christina Ariana likes to sleep as much as Nicholas did, cause she was quite content with sleeping in her stroller whilst Nicholas and I played. I just took her up once and fed her, and put her back down.. So nice when they are content!!


Now I can hear her starting to look for food, so thats all for now!

Have a beautiful week!


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3 Responses to Settling In as A Mother of Two

  1. Sandra says:

    Underbara bilder! 🙂

  2. Kaja says:

    I can’t believe she’s so small she fits in the sink 🙂 Great pictures 🙂 It would be so fun to come to Stockholm and visit you 🙂

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