Rainy Mondays,Tuesdays and all days

Seem to get me down, in such of a funk at the moment. Where is summer hiding?
I’ve always been very affected by weather- and all this shifting weather makes for shifting moods. Or is it maybe all the soul searching and thinking I’ve been filling these last few days with?
I love my family- Christina Ariana is getting bigger and more beautiful for each day that passes, Nicho calls her Cassie (all names and things end on -ie or similar sounds at the moment. Eggie, Ali, Molly and Kenny (!) being typical words. So Cassie is sticking on her.
Better than “baby” which was his former name for her- and thus ours. I wouldn’t want her to end up being called Baby at the age of four! All connotations to “dirty dancing” and Baby in the corner is really not what I want her to grow up with!

Well so anyways, she is growing and thriving, Nicholas is learning and utilizing new words every day, and knows all his colours now which is great.
But I feel like in all this there is still something that is missing- and what do u know, I’ve figured out what it is.. It is sharing it with a best friend.
Kenny is honestly the best husband anyone could have asked for- and is definitely one of my best friends-
but he is a man, and therefore doesn’t qualify for best friend position. And my very “bestest” friend lives in the UK, and I miss her!!
I miss the concept of friendship- proper friends not acquaintances or new “friends”, but the real ones that know you inside and out- the ones you can share all your heartbreak and all your triumphs with. Knowing that no matter what you tell them, good, bad or boring they still care, listen and help- whether the help is a shoulder to cry on, sharing a good laugh or just listening to what you have to say. Real friends like that are a rare species- and it seems that the older you get the less likely you are to find them.
I only wish my friend like that, as I am blessed with only one of that calibre , wouldn’t live so far away. All these people that come and go in your life- all the acquaintances and so called “friends” that one really can’t trust to actually be real friends don’t do it for me anymore. I want the real stuff, in other words; Amrita why would you have to live so far away?!


Moan about friends aside- life is good, my kids are great, my husband fantastic. We have our health, loving families. I can’t complain! Now if only we could have some proper summer so I could wear skirts, ballerinas and a smile all would be great!

Below are some iPhone/instagram photos- which is all I have right now, so they will have to do:) the last picture was taken this morning before drop off, morning cuddles..

Have a good day everyone. I will if it will only stay sunny!










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One Response to Rainy Mondays,Tuesdays and all days

  1. Wictoria says:

    Hello Maria! Yeah the weather sucks for the moment! And if you are blessed with a lovely family and one true friend that is super! I always said that I rather have one good friend than several acquaintances. Love the picture of Charlie and Nicholas and Christina is adorable.
    Kram Kram W

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