At the moment my life is pretty much spent hanging out with either just Cassie- or Cassie and Nicho. It’s pretty chilled out- and most of the time as far from busy as you can get.
So when today’s photo challenge on #photoadayjuly was “busy” I hardly knew what to take a picture of- I ended up with this


Me walking the dog with the kids, after having picked up Nicho from nursery, and before going to the park. Closest I came to busy today. And I love it! I could of course make my day day sound dreadfully busy by listing up the things I’ve done one after the other:

Woke up
Got both kids ready
Did morning drop off
Went for coffee
Went home, got the dog
Picked up Nicho
Went for walk
Went to park
Made dinner
Played some more
Put kids to bed

Like so.

Looks like a lot- but wasn’t much!
I love the fact that I am getting the chance to hang out with my children and literally watching them grow centimeter by centimeter. I am not missing out on them growing up, I am blessed to be from a country where being home with your children when they are small is the norm, not the exception. And I am thoroughly enjoying it!

After being “busy” walking I did this

Cassie slept, Nicho played with another child and Charlie and I enjoyed ourselves basking in the sun.. Life is so good when the sun shines!


A few photos from the past few days








Now off to bed- another “busy” day ahead of me tomorrow!

Night Night everyone

for those who want to follow me on instagram my username is dag2dag

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