Can life get better

Than sitting all snug on the sofa with a sweet smelling babe on your chest reading an amazing book- drinking reallygood tea after having had a beautiful sunny day hanging out with friends in the park? (taking a deep breath and breathing in that milky baby smell) aaaahhhh… I think NOT!!


Today has been just great. One of those days that just leave you feeling warm and fussy inside as if you have just eaten something warm and delicious. It started out so good, we had coffee with Lida and George Mourad at mälarpaviljongen. Lida got some CassieCuddles and I got some food.



After a long lunch we drove home to pick up Nicho and regroup before heading over to Lindhagen and the splash pool there. It is soo my favorite of the splash pools around, much smaller than the one at skytteholm- and therefore both warmer and less crowded.
As we were enjoying ourselves sipping white wine and eating ripe sweet watermelon the heavens opened up- and true to Stocholm-style rain it was pouring down within minutes.
We managed to throw everything in to the car without getting too wet, and by the time we parked at home it was sunny again!



And to cap of a fantastic day My new present had arrived in the mail today- and I Love it!

It is an Elsa Peretti “Diamonds by the Yard” bracelet. One diamond for each kid- and one for Kenny. Beautiful and wearable, just perfect! Thank you Kenny!!


I hope everyone had as beautiful a day as we did! God I Love Stockholm when its Sunny!

Back to my book


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One Response to Can life get better

  1. Claire Duffy says:

    Ahh teeny Cassie! So cute 😉

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