It has been a while!

And a whole lot has happened.. Try having a whole new Kid for a start!  I can’t believe that the last time I posted here Cassie was around 4 months, and now I’m sitting here with my third child!

So on that note let me introduce Tristan Nathaniel. My third little love was born August 13th 2013. He is lovely and beautiful and I feel that he really completes the family. DSC_0268

He looks like a perfect mix of Cassie and Nicholas, and yet he is his own little person. He is chilled out and not very demanding. But loves to be in the mix of things, and is already standing up more than sitting down when I’m holding him. Which makes me fear that he will be walking early just like Cassie did…

Cassie.. Where do I begin? She is fearless and bold. The never sits still, always on the move. Not necessarily naughty, but very very curious. Things have to be opened, tested and tried. She climbs on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. She is usually the one that initiates rough play with Nicholas, and she loves nothing more than a good wrestling match. She has inherited my love for books it seems. Although her taste right now runs towards flap books, and she is more for turning the pages than listening to the story..



Oh, and did I mention that she is a beauty? Seriously, she is so cute with her curly hair and big blue eyes. Don’t be fooled though, she is a thug! I call her Hurricane Cassie- and she lives up to the name!! She is a daddy’s girl, and they seem to share the same kind of boundless energy.

Nicholas, my firstborn has grown into a big boy! Now 3,5 and multilingual. He speaks English, Greek and Norwegian/Swedish- although his preferred language is by far English. He can count. Knows his alphabet. And most of the time he is a very good listener. He is still laid back and cuddly, but seems to have grown out of being shy over the last few months. He loves animals, him and I love to sit and watch a good animal documentary on the weekends when Cassie is napping. He is a proud big brother of the other two- and so very loving towards them! Cassie and him are pretty good friends- it’s amazing to see their relationship develop! Nicholas is a cuddler, and he is the one that loves giving me hugs, kisses and sitting on my lap. He is so smart, and has memory like an elephant! He is the one that seems to be most like me.


So here we are. We have grown and changed and added another person to our family. Things couldn’t be better! Happy to be writing again 🙂


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2 Responses to It has been a while!

  1. Marte says:

    Så stas at du er igang med bloggingen igjen! Du har nydelige barn! Kjenner veldig igjen min 1,5-åring i din beskrivelse av Cassie! Høyt og lavt og klatrer på ALT! Kan ikke sitte stille! 😀 Gleder meg til å følge deg videre for du skriver utrolig bra!

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