How old are you anyways?!

You know how sometimes you meet someone, it might be in a line-up at the grocery store, or on a train. You meet and for some reason you strike up a conversation. The conversation usually covers the basic questions,

Stranger: “why do you live here in Sweden?”

Me: ” My husband works here, so I followed him”

Stranger: “Do you work? Or what do you do?”

Me: “No, I was pregnant when I got here and had my first son about 3 weeks after I arrived, I’ve been mammaledig- on maternity leave ever since”

This obviously leads the conversation on to the topic of children..

Stranger: “Oh how nice, so you have one child? How old is he?Is he still home with you then? Since you are still on maternity leave?

Me: No! Heavens no. He would have gone crazy if he had to be home with me still at the age of 3,5! No, he is in dagis. I’m home with Tristan, my 3,5 month right now..

Stranger:  Oh, that’s nice.. You have two boys. And so close in age. So lucky!

Me: No, no, no. I have a girl as well.Cassie. She is in the middle. 19 months. She is in dagis too!

And then comes the reaction to this revelation. And it varies a bit depending on who I’m talking to. But usually it goes along the lines of;


(And Yes, it is shouted out in Caps Lock, or more or less anyways)


People seem to think it is absolutely bat-shit-crazy to have three kids so close together. However I don’t. Having another child to me just means I am having another round of first. First smiles, first laughs first shots, first illnesses. First meetings being an absolute favourite of mine!


Nicholas meeting Cassie for the first time


and meeting Tristan for the first time


Little sister becoming big sister, and meeting baby brother for the first time


I get to experience it all for the 3rd time – and I’ll tell you this; it doesn’t get old! I’m just as amazed at seeing Tristan meet new goals as i was 3,5 years ago when i was seeing Nicholas doing the same exact thing. I have been so lucky with my three, they are pretty good sleepers, they are all reasonably good eaters. They are all healthy (knock on wood) and mostly happy. What more could I possibly ask for? Yes – it might be a bit more hectic for a few years, but the positives by far outweighs the negatives.

If you see the way Cassie looks at Nicholas, all starry-eyed and with so much love,

and then mimics exactly what he is doing at the time, you would understand.

Or when you see Nicholas go over to Tristan who is a bit sad, and give him his pacifier and a kiss on the forehead a long with reassurances that “mamma is coming soon”,


you would definitely understand.

I think I have given my kids an incredible gift. The gift of family, and togetherness. They might in the future end up not liking each other, or they might end up the best of friends. But no matter what happens they will each  have two other people in the world that can relate. That they can whine about me to. Because face it, we will never be perfect parents in our children’s eyes, they will have many complaints about us and who better understands a mother’s fault than those who share the same mother?


I love our life, I love our crazy home, and most of all I love how our children are growing up together, how Cassie learns from Nicholas, and how Tristan soon will be learning from them both.

Siblings are a blessing, and for those of you thinking about going for number two, or three, my recommendation is; GO for it. You won’t be sorry you did.


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