Can life get better

Than sitting all snug on the sofa with a sweet smelling babe on your chest reading an amazing book- drinking reallygood tea after having had a beautiful sunny day hanging out with friends in the park? (taking a deep breath and breathing in that milky baby smell) aaaahhhh… I think NOT!!


Today has been just great. One of those days that just leave you feeling warm and fussy inside as if you have just eaten something warm and delicious. It started out so good, we had coffee with Lida and George Mourad at mälarpaviljongen. Lida got some CassieCuddles and I got some food.



After a long lunch we drove home to pick up Nicho and regroup before heading over to Lindhagen and the splash pool there. It is soo my favorite of the splash pools around, much smaller than the one at skytteholm- and therefore both warmer and less crowded.
As we were enjoying ourselves sipping white wine and eating ripe sweet watermelon the heavens opened up- and true to Stocholm-style rain it was pouring down within minutes.
We managed to throw everything in to the car without getting too wet, and by the time we parked at home it was sunny again!



And to cap of a fantastic day My new present had arrived in the mail today- and I Love it!

It is an Elsa Peretti “Diamonds by the Yard” bracelet. One diamond for each kid- and one for Kenny. Beautiful and wearable, just perfect! Thank you Kenny!!


I hope everyone had as beautiful a day as we did! God I Love Stockholm when its Sunny!

Back to my book


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15 weeks today!

My littlest one is 15 weeks today! Time goes so fast.. She is growing more beautiful for each day that passes, I am so lucky to have my little angels. So lucky in fact that I celebrated her 15 weeks with creating some jewelry with a good friend of mine who designs such things to show my pride!

I am so happy to have this unique and beautiful necklace to wear, so I can have my children with me wherever I go. If you want one with your children’s name you can order one at , I am so happy with mine!

Here are some pictures of my angels from the last few days










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At the moment my life is pretty much spent hanging out with either just Cassie- or Cassie and Nicho. It’s pretty chilled out- and most of the time as far from busy as you can get.
So when today’s photo challenge on #photoadayjuly was “busy” I hardly knew what to take a picture of- I ended up with this


Me walking the dog with the kids, after having picked up Nicho from nursery, and before going to the park. Closest I came to busy today. And I love it! I could of course make my day day sound dreadfully busy by listing up the things I’ve done one after the other:

Woke up
Got both kids ready
Did morning drop off
Went for coffee
Went home, got the dog
Picked up Nicho
Went for walk
Went to park
Made dinner
Played some more
Put kids to bed

Like so.

Looks like a lot- but wasn’t much!
I love the fact that I am getting the chance to hang out with my children and literally watching them grow centimeter by centimeter. I am not missing out on them growing up, I am blessed to be from a country where being home with your children when they are small is the norm, not the exception. And I am thoroughly enjoying it!

After being “busy” walking I did this

Cassie slept, Nicho played with another child and Charlie and I enjoyed ourselves basking in the sun.. Life is so good when the sun shines!


A few photos from the past few days








Now off to bed- another “busy” day ahead of me tomorrow!

Night Night everyone

for those who want to follow me on instagram my username is dag2dag

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Rainy Mondays,Tuesdays and all days

Seem to get me down, in such of a funk at the moment. Where is summer hiding?
I’ve always been very affected by weather- and all this shifting weather makes for shifting moods. Or is it maybe all the soul searching and thinking I’ve been filling these last few days with?
I love my family- Christina Ariana is getting bigger and more beautiful for each day that passes, Nicho calls her Cassie (all names and things end on -ie or similar sounds at the moment. Eggie, Ali, Molly and Kenny (!) being typical words. So Cassie is sticking on her.
Better than “baby” which was his former name for her- and thus ours. I wouldn’t want her to end up being called Baby at the age of four! All connotations to “dirty dancing” and Baby in the corner is really not what I want her to grow up with!

Well so anyways, she is growing and thriving, Nicholas is learning and utilizing new words every day, and knows all his colours now which is great.
But I feel like in all this there is still something that is missing- and what do u know, I’ve figured out what it is.. It is sharing it with a best friend.
Kenny is honestly the best husband anyone could have asked for- and is definitely one of my best friends-
but he is a man, and therefore doesn’t qualify for best friend position. And my very “bestest” friend lives in the UK, and I miss her!!
I miss the concept of friendship- proper friends not acquaintances or new “friends”, but the real ones that know you inside and out- the ones you can share all your heartbreak and all your triumphs with. Knowing that no matter what you tell them, good, bad or boring they still care, listen and help- whether the help is a shoulder to cry on, sharing a good laugh or just listening to what you have to say. Real friends like that are a rare species- and it seems that the older you get the less likely you are to find them.
I only wish my friend like that, as I am blessed with only one of that calibre , wouldn’t live so far away. All these people that come and go in your life- all the acquaintances and so called “friends” that one really can’t trust to actually be real friends don’t do it for me anymore. I want the real stuff, in other words; Amrita why would you have to live so far away?!


Moan about friends aside- life is good, my kids are great, my husband fantastic. We have our health, loving families. I can’t complain! Now if only we could have some proper summer so I could wear skirts, ballerinas and a smile all would be great!

Below are some iPhone/instagram photos- which is all I have right now, so they will have to do:) the last picture was taken this morning before drop off, morning cuddles..

Have a good day everyone. I will if it will only stay sunny!










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