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How old are you anyways?!

You know how sometimes you meet someone, it might be in a line-up at the grocery store, or on a train. You meet and for some reason you strike up a conversation. The conversation usually covers the basic questions, Stranger: … Continue reading

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The Hospital

Thank God Kenny’s mother Christina is still here helping out! Baby C and I have been in the hospital since Wednesday early afternoon. She caught an RS virus- a virus that is a common cold virus for you and me- … Continue reading

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Toddler Meltdown, or The Onset of The Terrible Twos..

Today has been a trying day to say the least. Nicholas woke up before eight, and he was grouchy as hell. He had done a number too in his diaper, and thus woke up before he was finished getting his … Continue reading

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Home Alone with My Monkey

I just came in from this day’s second long walk with Charlie. The second one was so much nicer than the first! When we went out this morning it was so warm and humid that I felt like I had been … Continue reading

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