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How old are you anyways?!

You know how sometimes you meet someone, it might be in a line-up at the grocery store, or on a train. You meet and for some reason you strike up a conversation. The conversation usually covers the basic questions, Stranger: … Continue reading

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The Hospital

Thank God Kenny’s mother Christina is still here helping out! Baby C and I have been in the hospital since Wednesday early afternoon. She caught an RS virus- a virus that is a common cold virus for you and me- … Continue reading

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Toddler Meltdown, or The Onset of The Terrible Twos..

Today has been a trying day to say the least. Nicholas woke up before eight, and he was grouchy as hell. He had done a number too in his diaper, and thus woke up before he was finished getting his … Continue reading

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Home Alone with My Monkey

I just came in from this day’s┬ásecond long walk with Charlie. The second one was so much nicer than the first! When we went out this morning it was so warm and humid that I felt like I had been … Continue reading

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