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Crafty : Decoupage on Ikea Dresser

Hi everyone! So I said I’d return with a little tutorial on how to decoupage fabric on a dresser, and here it is! I am quite satisfied with the result, especially since I have not been pedantic and sanded it … Continue reading

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Making waffles and Other Things

Monday was one of the coldest days ever recorded here it Tromsø. They measured -18,3 at the local weather station, just 0.1 above the lowest ever recorded temperature. It is safe to say it was freezing! It was too cold … Continue reading

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These Boots are Made for Walking

Well, technically is suppose it should p be this boot is made for walking, and really it’s not even for walking but just for laying around in.. I should have just come up with a different title of the post … Continue reading

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Done, done and done!

I have finished three crocheting projects over the last two days, and I thought i’d show you how the finished products turned out, but first a few pictures from yesterdays trip to town centre and this evenings trip to the … Continue reading

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